Fitness to Drive Evaluations
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How are the results of the evaluation used?

After the neuropsychological and the behind the wheel evaluations are completed a report is written describing the patient's cognitive and functional strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are made regarding the patient's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  In addition to giving feedback to the patient and his/her family, this report is forwarded to the referring physician. 

The results of the evaluation typically fall into one of several categories.  A return to independent/unrestricted driving may be recommended.  A plan to continue or resume driving after driver training sessions (after an injury/illness an individual may show potential to safely operate a motor vehicle but require training sessions to improve driving techniques) or some modifications (for example, no night or highway driving, using adaptive equipment). Lastly, there individuals who are unsafe to drive.and it is recommended that these individuals stop driving or not return to driving. In instances where an individual has suffered an acute illness/injury and further recovery is anticipated, a re-evaluation may be recommended with the possibility of a return to driving in the future. For individuals with diseases that worsen over time, re-evaluations are recommended to evaluate the disease's progression and its impact on driving.

The final decision as to whether or not a patient resumes or continues driving is left to the patient's physician as only he/she can submit a Medical Report form to the Secretary of State/Department of Motor Vehicles asking that a patient's license be suspended because the patient has a medical condition that renders him/her unsafe to operate a motor vehicle.     

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