Frequently Asked Information on Memory

Memory Strategies contd.

7.        Use Repetition-rehearse information to be remembered.

8.        Sound Triggers-Use of alarms, buzzers, watches to remind one to perform a particular activity such as keeping an appointment, making a call, taking one's medication at a specified future time.  If not at home and you want to remember something to do upon returning home leave a message on your home answering machine.

9.        Organize Information-Use electronic memory devices and computers-designate a specific place for often used items such as keys, checkbook or important papers

10.        Use Associations-Associate new information with information that is already known and make a mental link, a mental picture of a filing system.  Place new information in a familiar existing file where it can be retrieved later.

11.        Visualization-Create a mental picture or image.  For example, to help remember the location of your car in the mall parking lot, make a mental picture of its location.  Note the car parked next to it or other surrounding landmarks.

12.        Change of Environment-Changing something in the environment to jog memory-place clothes to take to cleaners in front of door.

13.         Group First Letter of Words-Sometimes one wants to remember a list of items.  Take the first letter of each item and arrange them to form a word/words.  Or use the first letter of each word and form a sentence that is easy to remember.  For example, the 5 great lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior)HOMES or Henry Often Misses Eating Supper

14.        If you have having trouble recalling something, go through the alphabet to job your memory
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